don’t erase what I’ve entered just ’cause there’s a mistake

When I signed up for WordPress (where this site is hosted) I neglected to enter the security numbers for my credit card.

As expected, the site returned an error.  But it erased the credit-card number I’d entered – I had to type it all over again.

Don’t do that!

Worse, the second time, I didn’t notice it had reset the card’s expiration date – so I got another error – and it erased the credit-card and security numbers again – I had to type it all a third time.  How incredibly aggravating!

Don’t do that!


why not zip/postal code first?

I’ve been griping about this for a long time.

Whenever you have to enter your address in a web site, why don’t they ask for the postal code (Zip code in the US) first, and then fill in the city and state information automatically?

Computers are supposed to make our lives easier – let them do the work.

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